2017 South Carolina Young Small Business Person of the Year


The Orange Spot Coffeehouse is a coffee shop located in North Charleston’s Park Circle neighborhood. The shop has been in operation for three years with espresso-based beverages made on a Nuova Simonelli machine; house made syrup options, brewed drip coffee, Charleston Tea Plantation varieties, and several fruit/vegetable smoothies. Pastries are delivered daily by WildFlour Pastry and include a quiche or savory sconce for hot breakfasts. In addition, the shop offers house-made chicken salads or a vegetarian black bean wraps for lunch options.

The Orange Spot Coffeehouse is owned and operated by Laura Cannon, Matthew Cannon, and Julie Simuang. The trio possesses a wealth of experience ranging from hospitality, retail, and the coffee industry.

The name “Orange Spot” originated with one of the co-founders who spent time in Thailand. It is inspired by the orange color of cha yen, a traditional iced Thai tea, and the contentment and well-being felt when visiting the country’s sidewalk cafes. The vision for The Orange Spot Coffeehouse began as an endeavor to welcome people into a comfortable atmosphere for quality beverages with a high level of customer service.

Coffee and food is the heart of our business model. We have a specific atmosphere in the shop. It is charming and quaint, in part due, to the small space. “Customers often comment on the shop’s warm and inviting vibe,” stated Julie and Laura. The courtyard has been home to a wide variety of events from simply meeting a friend, to weekly Tae Bo classes, pop-up markets to a wedding, and Sunday brunches to soccer practice.

Customer service is considered a vital aspect to the business as are the coffee, food, and atmosphere. We specifically changed roasters and began using Counter Culture Coffee recently to take advantage of their coffee educational course. With this kind of support the shop is able to focus on training employees in customer service best practices while partnering with Counter Culture for exceptional coffee training.

The Orange Spot Coffeehouse is a testament to innovation and presentation reinvention of a beverage that is enjoyed by many around the world. Laura and Julie received on May 3rd the Young Small Business Person of the Year award at the annual 2017 Salute to Small Business.