The SC Alliance to Fix Our Roads President, Bill Ross, issued the following statement in response to the Senate passing the Roads Bill, H.3516


The South Carolina State Senate passed H.3516, a comprehensive road funding and reform bill, by a vote of 30 – 9.


“Finally. It’s been three years of debate, and we are now one step closer to safer, more efficient roads,” said SCFOR President Bill Ross. “We commend the House and Senate for making this issue a legislative priority and passing a plan with bipartisan support.”


“The goal of fixing our roads is now within sight, and we encourage lawmakers to continue championing the legislation. When it arrives on his desk, we implore Governor McMaster to do the right thing and sign the roads bill into law.”


The South Carolina Alliance to Fix Our Roads is a non-partisan, non-profit, statewide organization made up of business leaders, associations, and chambers of commerce who believe that an efficient and safe highway system is essential to South Carolina’s continued economic growth and prosperity.