Greenville Business Magazine, Charleston Business Magazine, and Columbia Business Monthly launched a new feature called Input. Each month, we’ll send a question to our list of subscribers and publish the best responses in a spread in the magazines. We’ll also post all of the responses on our websites. Here are the answers to our inaugural question:

Question: What is your favorite app? What do you like about it and how do you use it? Would you recommend it?

“My favorite app for business marketing is WORDSWAG. It is great for social media. I manage several social media accounts for my own business as well as others and this is an app I use daily. It is sometimes hard to come up with new and original content so this app is a Godsend for me. I use it regularly on my photography page as well as the Blue Ridge Tours llc instagram and Facebook page.”
-Rebecca Duncan, Jinxx Photography, Greenville, S.C.

“My favorite app by far, has got to be YELP, hands down! I travel a fair bit for work to unfamiliar territories. Yelp helps me make sound decisions on food, drinks and entertainment every time! You can always count on real reviews from real people.”
-Michelle Moshinskie, A3 Communications, Columbia, S.C.

“My favorite apps are related to travel, such as OPENTABLE, UBER/LYFT and airline tools that make traveling easier as well as less painful. I like that they are easy to use, offers up-to-date information such as gate location at an airport like Atlanta, and provides options to try alternative food genre or land travel. They benefit anyone who travels, either for business or vacation.
-F. Randy Vogenberg, PhD, Rotary Club of North Greenville, Greenville, S.C.

“My favorite app is TINY SCANNER, of all things. It’s very useful for doing instant PDFs for e-mails. Much easier than a more bulky machine.”
-Matt Kennell, City Center Partnership, Columbia, S.C.

“My favorite app – hands down – is my WELLS FARGO app. Using it, I can deposit payments received from clients without ever going to the bank (that saves a LOT of time); I can send money to pay vendor invoices either as checks or instant drafts; I can pay invoices with Bill Pay; and keep tabs on our company financials. It might seem mundane, but having all that at my fingertips is wonderful to me.”
-Cheryl Smithem, Charleston PR and Design, Charleston, S.C.

“My favorite app would be PRODUCTEEV, a free task management app that not only allows me to keep track of my own to do lists, but allows me to peer into the production process for our company and to better manage my involvement on tasks where I am a collaborator. There is a social aspect to this app that also allows me to add more members onto a team or easily document and share information in an organized manner which is superior to the traditional forwarding of emails. I would recommend this app to any multifaceted business that wants increased collaboration between their associates and transparency between departments.”
-Matt “Sox” Bowersox, General Equipment and Supply, Greenville, S.C.

“I have a few really useful ones but two of them are my absolute favorite. The app from HOTELS.COM is great because it compares prices and features of different hotel rooms and if a technician quickly needs to book a room, it can be done very quickly and efficiently. also offers outstanding support in case of changes or cancelations and they have an outstanding rewards program. Our company uses conventional and also electric vehicles. ChargePoint is a great app for finding charging stations for electric vehicles and I strongly believe that the use of electric vehicles is going

To become more and more relevant for individuals and businesses alike. My company also installed a charge port at our office in Greer and it can be located by people using the CHARGEPOINT app. This might seem like a small step but not only do we contribute to a cleaner environment, we also save money on gasoline.”
-Stefan Dubiel, EFS Industries USA, Greenville, S.C.

“I like the iENGINEER app on my iPhone. I use it as a quick reference for bolt specifications when performing various stress calculations and strength comparisons. I can access it any time whether I am in the office, or on the road visiting customers to discuss our company product system advantages.”
-David Cote, Smart Truck Precision Aerodynamics, Greenville, S.C.

“My favorite app is WAZE. I decided to give Waze a try after plugging in a destination using Google maps and being directed two miles away from my starting point, then back one block from my starting point, then on to an entirely different direction. Waze lets you know of real time detours, road closures, and accidents, as well as alternate routes when there is a traffic jam.”
-Regina Sharpe, Lowcountry Orphan Relief, North Charleston, S.C.

“That is such an easy one: DROPBOX. With Dropbox I have all my files at my fingertips no matter where I am in the world. As long as I have a cell phone or internet connection I have access. My business partner can add something and within seconds I have it. Awesome invention.
-Franne Schwarb, Realtor, Mount Pleasant, S.C.

My most used app for IOS is OUTLOOK. This email client is far superior, in my opinion, to the default IOS “Mail” App. OUTLOOK app combines your email, calendar, contacts, and allows access to certain cloud file storage services. The key thing about the OUTLOOK app that makes it unique is that is natively synchronizes with Microsoft Exchange Server. This synchronization is the keystone for what makes this such an integral part of my work day. If I add a contact from my workstation, it immediately is available in the Outlook app… And vice-versa. If I delete an email from the Outlook app, it very quickly disappears from my desktop. In fact, I keep four devices constantly synchronized 24×7.
-Derek Davis, Intelli-NET of S.C., Greenville, S.C.

“My favorite app is TEXT TO EMAIL. I find that I communicate with clients via text messages on a very frequent basis now. In order to easily memorialize these messages for my file, I use this app to send them to my email address.”
-Deborah B. Barbier, Deborah B. Barbier, LLC, Columbia, S.C.

“My favorite app is currently PROJECTS by It’s designed as a project management application that can be used for many types of businesses. I use it to help oversee multiple health care facilities as well as my own office flow for the patients that I treat. The app can also be utilized as an excellent staff management tool.”
-Kevin Lewis, AlignLife of Greenville East, Greenville, S.C.

“My favorite app is ACTIVITY, which is tied into my Apple watch/iPhone. While i’m not a fitness addict, this app makes me more aware of unhealthy habits like sitting at my desk too long. It also shares my activity level on a daily basis and as a result, I have been motivated to get back into the gym and add some form of physical activity back into my daily routine. With the accumulated data tracking over weeks and months, I can now see the direct connection between standing up and moving about as well as 30 minutes more of physical activity and weight loss/energy level.”
-Gary Hyman, The Hawkins Foundation, Greenville S.C.

“I currently use BUFFER for all of our social media activity. It allows me to collect articles, blogs, events, etc. and share them with our multiple social media accounts and I can schedule these posts however I see fit. Rather than share them all when I read them (mostly late at night after everything slows down), I can plug them into a calendar or designated time slots. This takes out the need for a social media manager at my company. I believe other small business owners could utilize this tool to save time and money!”
-Michael Yarborough, MNO Logistics, Inc., Columbia, S.C.

“The app that is my favorite right now is called GLASSES. It’s free on the app store by Yodel code. Basically it’s your reading glass on steroids. The built-in light and variable magnification make it a must for the over-50 crowd in these dimly lit restaurants. Being a computer consultant for small businesses throughout the Upstate, I constantly see people trying to read text so small that reading glasses are not enough. With this app you can blow it up to any size, making life a little easier for free.”
-Vernon Trice, VET1, Greenville, S.C.

“Without hesitation I would say that YELP is by far the most helpful app. I do quite a bit of traveling in the U.S. and abroad, and Yelp makes me an instant insider wherever I am. I am able to instantly leverage the experience and knowledge of hundreds of people I have never met to get an unbiased perspective on the best restaurant to go to, which hotel to stay at, what sights to see, even what drycleaners to use. I would not leave home without it.”
-Eric Hassman, Carbyne Capital Partners, Greenville, S.C.

“SHIPT is my favorite app! It’s been a lifesaver for someone who loathes spending time in the grocery store. Has been a great experience every time!”
-Julie Brown, Godshall Staffing, Greenville, S.C.

“I use the EXACT IDIP app to test my water quality daily.”
-Mike McBride, Industrial Test Systems, Inc., Rock Hill, S.C.

“That’s a tough one – there are so many but one I will say helps me as a busy working mom is the WALGREENS app. I created my family Christmas card from it using my photo stream. You can also manage the entire family’s medicines and get refills with the click of a button. Youcan transfer a script if needed and out of town, etc. Very helpful.”
-Gayle Brown, ViaMark Advertising, Wilmington, N.C.

“My favorite app is GOOGLE PHOTOS. The fact that all my photos are accessible but not taking up space on my phone is so beneficial. Also, the facial recognition is phenomenal when you are looking for a specific person and want to only bring up their photos.”
-Jason Morris, TTi Power Equipment, Anderson, S.C.

“One of my favorite apps is eWALLET. It is a small quick program for password management. All files are encrypted 256-bit AES. It allows multiple files, so I have one for work, one personally and one for my LLC partnership, each with different passwords. They are easily synced across multiple PCs and my smartphone, using Wi-Fi. Multiple categories equate to sub-folders, and can be used for organization. Several different types of card templates are provided, Password, credit card, contact, driver’s license, email account, internet settings, and about a dozen more. All cards are customizable as far as color etc. and many have user definable fields. In password cards, and a few more, with a URL listed, it is clickable, and will enter the password and username automatically on the destination page, without ever displaying the password. Passwords are hidden until you click the password button, in case someone walks up. The included search feature will search across all cards, folders, and subfolders, with a spell down feature, to make searches just a few letters away usually. The file will auto lock after a given number of seconds. It has Windows PC, Android, IOS, Mac OS, blackberry, and Windows phone versions. Updates come around occasionally and to date all have installed flawlessly. If you chose, and I don’t know why anyone would, you can park your DataFiles in the cloud. 30 day fully functional free download is available.”
-David Waits, Holder Electric Supply/Gallery of Lighting, Greenville, S.C.

“TURBOSCAN is a free app that turns any mobile device into a scanner. Whether I need to send my team meeting notes or executed legal documents, I can quickly open the app, scan the document, and send the PDF to the correct recipient. It allows me to skip the tedious parts of work and focus on things that drive the business forward.”
-Anthony Richichi, SENTIO, Charleston, S.C.

“I have several mobile apps that I use frequently, but my favorite is MLB.COM, where I can get news and stats on my favorite team and watch the game animation AT Bat.”
-Bob Martel, The Write Stuff, LLC, Hendersonville, N.C.

“Mine’s easy: I love the FRESHBOOKS cloud accounting app. Everyone on the team at Flock and Rally can use the mobile app to track time per client, per project, per task and per team member, and as owners, my business partner Debi Schadel and I can manage invoices, expenses, outstanding client balances and more. It all syncs seamlessly with Freshbooks’ web-based interface, so that we can attend to more detailed accounting tasks such as P&L statements and highly detailed staff output reports via laptop or desktop. Freshbooks is the jam.”
-Tracie Broom, Flock and Rally, Columbia, S.C.

“My favorite app is called MOVE. Every 45 minutes during the day it reminds me to get moving. There are dozens of quick exercises in the app like lunges, body weight squats, planks, etc. as well as other suggestions such as four flights of stairs or take the long way to the bathroom. Great reminder during the day, and the heart rate boost helps me stay focused.”
-Evan Cramer, UCW Logistics, Greenville, S.C.

“The app I get the most use out of in a specifically artistic sense is called CAPO. It is a tool to make transcribing music a little easier, primarily by giving you the ability to slow music down without changing the pitch, and isolating and/or looping any portion of the recording.”
-Robert Lewis, Jazz Artists of Charleston, Charleston, S.C.

“TEMPO is a metronome app used to check the tempo of some of the Charleston Jazz Orchestra tunes. On the other hand, sometimes I don’t go by the marking on the time because it might be better for the band at a slower or slightly faster tempo.”
-Charlton Singleton, Jazz Artists of Charleston, Charleston, S.C.

“My favorite app is WAZE. Waze is the only map app I use for driving directions. It is an interactive app that allows users to provide other users information on traffic, police, hazards, construction, as well as other things. Based on the user interaction, the app is able to provide the fastest directions. I have tried other apps and even tried to go a different way than Waze suggested because I thought I knew better, and sure enough there was something that caused me to be delayed. I use this app every single day when I leave the house and when I am driving home. With all the growth in the Greenville area, the traffic has been getting worse, so getting home the fastest way seems to be less stressful. This is a great app for anyone that wants to save time driving and get where they are going much quicker.”
-Billy Rogers, Teleco, Greenville, S.C.

My favorite app is CNN. It captures the news in a digest format, and I can choose what to learn about and skip the balance without advertisement.
-Linda Brewer, LSG, Inc., Spartanburg, S.C.

“APPLE TV REMOTE for iPhone. We lose the regular remote constantly (it’s too thin), and I grew tired of buying replacements. The iPhone remote is easy to use, always easy to find, and never gets tossed in the recycling bin with the newspaper.”
-Paul Grier, Presbyterian Foundation, Greenville, S.C.

“Absolutely the BEST is TURBOSCAN. I could not live without it. Potential users include consultants who need to scan copies of flip-chart pages rather than bringing them home, or anyone who wants a clear high-res PDF version of a document to go. I have used this when sharing recipes with friends, collaborating on civic issues, keeping a list for a school project, etc, etc. It’s well worth a few bucks.”
-Mercedes Bartow, 370 Consulting Group, Greenville, S.C.

“As a retailer, I have enjoyed the app RIPL which allows me to do quick and easy video for our social media posts. It adds flair to our posts and is more engaging than a simple photo. Personally, I have an app for running which I love that is like my own running coach – complete with music. Helps me keep my runs more interesting!
-Robin Bylenga, Pedal Chic, Greenville, S.C. **Please use photo that Amy Randall took!

“MYRADAR: anyone looking for instant radar and weather reports.”
Robert Uselton, Mechanical Systems & Services, Inc., Greenville, S.C.

“DARK SKY – I’m a photographer typically shooting outdoor lifestyle assignments and knowing when it’s going to rain or when it’s going to stop raining is often critical. Dark Sky does a great job of estimating not just daily percent chances of precipitation, but also down-to-the-minute probability right where you’re standing with a pretty good track record. I get alerts like: “It’s going to start raining in five minutes.” The app does lots more and I find I’m using it almost daily, whether I’m out shooting or not. Because the weather impacts most all of us it has a broad appeal and it goes above and beyond other weather apps I’ve used. I also can’t resist offering up my favorite photo editing app: ENLIGHT. The control and edits available are amazing, and right from the phone in your hand! I grew up in the film era and am constantly blown away with the current pace of change in this industry.”
-Andy Hagedon, smArt Image, Charleston, S.C.

“I have a number of smartphone applications to which I refer on a daily basis, including weather, news and financial information. My favorite, however is simply the KINDLE READER app! I have a number of both business books, non-fiction, and “comfort” reads on the app so I am never without something to read. It is significantly easier to deal with at lunch than carrying a book around.”
-Michael Adamson, SC Development Consulting, LLC, Greenville, S.C.

“POWER BI has completely changed the way we look at our business since beginning to use it one and a half years ago. We monitor our critical business metrics and reports daily with Microsoft’s dashboard and reporting app. You can set up reports using their desktop app, which feels a lot like Excel, and check your reports anywhere in the world that has internet access. It has connections to major services so you don’t need to know any database or programming knowledge to get started. As a small company, the service is cost effective, so we get access to features that would normally cost much more with other services like Tableau.”
-Adam Drewes, Kopis, Greenville, S.C.

“As a small business owner, my time is pulled in many different directions. And as owner of a locksmith company, when I meet folks while out just doing the day-to-day business, I am constantly meeting new customers. The easiest way for me to keep up with my contacts is using SNAPBIZCARD. I don’t have to worry about losing business cards and the information is always at my fingertips.”
Cyndi Everette, ABC Locksmiths, LLC, Greenville, S,C.

“The app I use most often is LANDGLIDE, a graphical mapping system for real estate. I can pull property maps and property information while walking the property without having to log on to county websites to pull the data.”
-Darron Meares, Meares Auction Group, Greenville, S.C.

I have two. One I use more now than the other. Any.DO helps keep your brain free and clear of ALL the to-dos in your life. The interface is insanely intuitive and simple. It’s also fun to use and can be shared with a spouse or work team. It’s perfect for anyone, really, but especially those who want to have a place for their daily tasks and let their brain have the energy for other projects.
I am all about simple and useful and Calm is both. It’s an app with meditations to relax, focus, and help sleep better at night. As the creator of UNWIND, a course on befriending stress and increasing quality of sleep, this app is the perfect support for those taking the class. I love it personally because no matter where you are you can tap into a space that feels calm and easeful. This is perfect for the novice or inconsistent meditator.
-Lyn Tally, Go Interactive Wellness and, Charleston, S.C.

“My new favorite app is 1PASSWORD by developer AgileBits in Canada. While I was first introduced to the app back in 2008, it wasn’t until 2016 that I embraced it. 1Password is the market-leading password manager and data vault. It allows you to keep your passwords and important information safely protected behind one Master Password, which only you know. The built-in password generator make it easy to create a unique and cryptic password for every site you visit. All you must remember is the master password. No more using that same unsecure password across dozens of sites. 1Password is integrated into your web browser, so you can create passwords, fill in credit cards, and sign in to your online accounts with a single click. 1Password keeps your digital life secure and remembers everything for you. It’s has removed a lot of stress from my digital life.”
-Rusty Farrell, True Matter, Columbia, S.C.

“PANDORA, of course! Great for workouts, walks, runs, in the house or in the car!”
-Drew Brown, Godshall Staffing, Greenville, S.C.

“The best app I am using right now is called LIFE360. It is a GPS tracking app that allows me to see where my family is at all times and sends me alerts when they arrive and depart key locations such as schools, home, and other GEO-fenced areas I create. A bit creepy? Sure! But I have a 16-year-old niece living with me who is a new driver. I’d rather be able to pick up an app and see where she is rather than text her and potentially distract her. It costs $2.99 a month. Potential business applications are for companies trying to get more efficient with remote employees such as construction crews or emergency responders.”
-Adam Anderson, Palmetto Security Group LLC, Greenville, S.C.

“The ANYLIST app has changed the way I create and share lists! From grocery lists to action items, AnyList allows me to organize, sync, and collaborate like never before. This app includes great features like built-in categories for easy grouping and the ability to add items to a list using Siri. AnyList makes it simple to share lists with friends and family; any changes made to a shared list will show up instantly to everyone sharing the list. Tag teaming the grocery shopping has never been easier! I’ve even used this app at work and in volunteer roles to coordinate a team’s tasks.”
-Jed Dews, Pendleton Place, Greenville, S.C.

“TODOIST is a task management productivity tool that helps me manage my day-to-day personal and business to do list. The easy to use platform helps me organize and prioritize my tasks with labels and color coding, keeps my email inbox clean by moving tasks from my email to my to do list with the touch of a button, set reminders by time and/or location, add notes to a reminder, assign tasks to other who use the app, and syncs with my online time tracking app, TOGGL. As a small business owner, wife, mother of two, and volunteer, I’m always looking for methods to improve my productivity. This app helps me focus on the tasks I need to work on in the appropriate priority. To that end, this technology allows me to take control versus allowing my email, telephone calls or others dictate the order my work gets completed. This app would help anyone trying to be more efficient or trying to prioritize.”
-Wendy Homeyer, Homeyer Strategy Group, LLC, Columbia, S.C.

“I love TOGGL’s time-tracking app. I am a solo practitioner in public relations, and I use Toggl on my desktop to keep track of time on client projects and ultimately use that information each month for billing. Toggl’s app means that I can track time while meeting from clients or working away from my desk very easily. The app syncs automatically with my desktop version of Toggl, of course. Both versions are free. While I have used Toggl effectively for team projects when more than one person is tracking client time, I think any solo practitioner could very easily use this app. There’s virtually no learning curve and it’s free, a bonus for professionals who need streamlined time-keeping without paying for pricey software.”
-Katie Alice Walker, Katie Alice Walker Communications, Columbia, S.C.

“CALENDLY is my favorite and most frequently used app. Calendly provides an effective mode of scheduling meetings by syncing with Google calendar and providing a series of available meeting options. As an academic, calendly makes it very easy for students to schedule meeting with me without several rounds of email or phone tag. The application sends an email notification and adds the meeting to my calendar. The most attractive feature is the ability to control the number of meetings each day as well as the advance notice for the meeting. This app is most beneficial to those who need to book individual appointments without an administrative assistant. It has transformed the way that I schedule office hours while continuing to make students feel that they have real-time access to their instructor.”
-Takita Sumter, Winthrop University, Rock Hill, S.C.

“Definitely, MILEIQ that tracks mileage, eliminating the need to keep a written log for tax purposes. Love it!”
-William Mitchell, Jr., Mitchell Reports Investigations, LLC, Greenville, S.C.

“EVERNOTE – it’s basically a post it note that is instantly captured and available on all of your devices. Being on the go from one construction site to the next, it’s difficult for a post it note to make it back to my desk. Evernote captures it and won’t be lost on the way back to the office. Enter it and then forget it—until you need to remember again.”
-Ray Hill, Hill Construction, LLC, Lexington, S.C.

“The app that I have absolutely fallen in love with is MILEIQ. As a marketing professional, I am constantly on the go driving from one appointment to the next. I just open up the app and it tracks my mileage for each drive. It automatically detects driving. No more writing down mileage and trips for business. I don’t even have to enter the address into the app. It just works off its own GPS, I guess. Great app!”
-Amanda Strickland, Hill Construction, LLC, Lexington, S.C.

“My favorite app is THE BIBLE APP. The first thing I read each morning is the Verse of the Day and the chapter it is quoted from. As a lawyer dealing with people who have troubles, day in and day out, it reminds me of where real solutions are to be found and that I need to remember that I am just another person.”
-Conrad Falkiewicz, Attorney at Law, Charleston, S.C.

“EVERNOTE allows me to “fire and remember.” Whether I am sending an email, scanning a document, jotting down a note in a meeting, or doing any other activity with my computer or mobile devices, I can save it in Evernote. The app collects all this information and gives me the ability to organize it, but also takes it a step further to connect my documents and notes with other ideas within my collection I may not have considered. It even provides relevant connections to Internet sources. I am then able to use a number of third-party applications to remind me when I need to access a document by setting a date reminder or even when I arrive at a particular location. Evernote is a valuable application for anyone who deals with multiple projects — from a student to a business executive.”
-Jonathan Pait, Worthwhile, Greenville, S.C.

“My favorite app would have to be the GOOGLE ANALYTICS APP. It allows me to check the activity of my Web site every day from wherever I am. Visitors, time on site, referral sources, etc. It also allows me to immediately see if my marketing and social media campaigns are working.”
-Kenneth Zwerdling, Foreign Staffing, Inc., Greenville, S.C.

“My favorite app is INSTAGRAM! Pictures speak to people in such a powerful way, and Instagram is the perfect social platform to quickly and easily post pictures to connect your brand with the widest audience possible.”
-Anna Ruby, J Banks Design, Hilton Head, S.C.

“My favorite is the AMAZON ALEXA APP. My brother-in-law recently moved to Seattle to take a position with Amazon. So it was no surprise when he returned for the holidays with an Amazon Dot for everyone in the family. I brought mine to the office and have used it every day since. The app and hardware are seamless and remarkable. Need to catch-up on local events? “Alexa, what’s in the news?” The sun has set and you’re still at the office? “Alexa, turn on the lights.” In need of some background noise? “Alexa, play Sam Cooke.” Wondering what your day looks like? “Alexa, what’s on the agenda for today?” Need a ride to that meeting? “Alexa, ask Uber for a ride.” I could go on and on.”
-Anthony Quattrone, Adams and Reece, LLP, Columbia, S.C.

“My favorite app is EVERNOTE. It’s a note-taking app that syncs everywhere. It saves passwords, makes checklists, sends reminders, really anything you need it to do. I can’t go a day without using it in some sort of way. In this day in age where most everything is online, it’s hard to justify taking notes by pen and paper anymore. Half of the time the notes taken in a meeting need to be emailed to someone else in the office, so it’s easy to just copy and paste or just tap the share button in the app. There’s also the ability to make different notebooks which is good for someone who is a bit OCD like myself. You can have a password notebook, a work notebook, and a personal notebook, for example. As with anything of value, you can only go so far with the free version of Evernote. There’s a monthly premium plan that provides more features within the app and a higher device limit, but I have gotten along just fine for several years with the free version. As far as who would it benefit, I’d argue that it would benefit any and every one. Someone at work, someone in school, someone who just needs to write down a grocery store checklist. Literally anything you need to write down, you can organize it in the Evernote app. It has reduced my post-it note count and cleared my desk tremendously.”
-Kyle Martin, Columbia Fireflies, Columbia, S.C.

“My favorite app is SNAPCHAT. It’s a social media app, but I don’t feel guilty when using it versus Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It’s fun! I see people of all ages having fun with the app because it’s lighthearted and isn’t focused on current events – which honestly is a mental break compared to other social media channels.”
-Gina Smith, Infinity Marketing, Greenville, S.C.

“EVERNOTE ( is very useful in helping me solve a problem I face every day: How do I capture, store, and organize all the information coming at me? Think of all the times in a day you learn something (in a conversation on the street, at a lunch meeting, from a piece on the radio or television, reading an article on the web or in a book or magazine) that you would like to keep and find for later use. How do you keep track of what you heard or read so you can use it later? Do you write it down on a piece of paper, or just try to store it in your head? How does that usually work out, when you can’t find that piece of paper or you rack your brain trying to recall the name of that book? Evernote is a simple way to capture information on your device. Whenever I have an idea, or need to add something to a to-do list, or learn about an interesting article, book, movie, event or musician, I add it to Evernote and organize it using searchable notebooks and tags. With Evernote, you’ll be able to get rid of the excuse that “I forgot to write that down.” And Evernote can automatically “clip” an article, photo, or page from the Web. Evernote is free up to a certain amount of storage, and offers a paid version. I frankly could not do without it, and anyone who is trying to keep track of information (and that means everyone) would benefit from using Evernote. If I am going to have a handheld device on or near me all the time, I might as well put it to good use.”
-Jack Pringle, Adams & Reece, LLP, Columbia, S.C.

“My favorite app has to be YELP. Anyone can use or benefit from this app and it is especially helpful for people like myself who have moved from state to state. I have found that it is the perfect app for finding new places to dine, shop or to simply grab a cup of coffee at a local shop vs. a more popular chain. The app provides suggestions based on the time of day and is also geo-targeted for convenience. The other thing that is great about Yelp is that as a business, you can provide offers to the customer to use upon their arrival. What could be better than finding a new favorite dinner spot based on reviews in town and possibly enjoying a free appetizer to go along with it?”
-Sara Dolan, Smoak PR, Greenville, S.C.

“My favorite app should appeal to travelers. It’s called GATEGURU. I fly for business quite a bit; domestic and international. I like it because it gives me dining options by terminal. Like Yelp, you’re encouraged to provide ratings and reviews.”
-Dale Willis, Milliken & Co., Spartanburg, S.C.

“As much as I fly, I use the Delta Airlines app the most. It is so convenient and reliable. It’s a breeze to go through customs and airport security by using the app.”
-Chuck Baker, Michelin NA, Greenville, S.C.

“ACORNS: A intuitive investing app that allow simple, automated investing into low-fee Vanguard ETFs. The app rounds up purchases from your checking account, and invests the remaining change automatically. I also have scheduled investments that occur at the beginning of the month, to boost my savings. You can also have more money invested on your behalf, by shopping with partners such as Dollar Shave Club, AirBNB, and
VENMO: Do you owe somebody for drinks at the bar or tickets to the game? Use Venmo: A free application that allows the transfer of money to friends and family, with no associated fees for each transfer made. That app leverages Facebook to find and share with people, so sending money to the right person is simple. The app is social by nature as well, and is the best way I have found to pay people back. Don’t worry if you do not want your transactions public, as each transaction can be made private.”
-Jeff Davis, EDTS, Greenville, S.C.

“One of the apps that I use in teaching Nursing 104 – Foundations of Nursing III, is the PHYSICAL EXAMINATION (PeX)” app, which is available through the Apple app store. It is one of the least expensive apps, at only $2.99. This is the term which physical assessment is taught and the “PeX” app is specifically designed to enhance the learning material for physical assessment. It highlights abnormalities recognized on physical assessment, broken down by body systems and is a great learning tool for students. I highly recommend it for new students interested in learning physical assessment.”
-Robin French, ECPI University, Greenville, S.C.

“My favorite app is the TRANSLOC RIDER app. It’s used to locate the CAT buses on route. It gives the bus location, time of arrival to your stop, and how full the bus is. It has been a life-changer for us!”
-Al Babinicz, Clemson Area Transit, Clemson, S.C.

“I use the STACKS app regularly at work. Stacks is a modern reading list for the avid reader. Stacks is a simple way to keep track of the books you want to read and the books you have enjoyed. I spend my day among thousands of books at the Library Society, and I like the app to keep track of the works I would like to read next. I can quickly scan a book I’m interested in and the app keeps it in a convenient list. The app will also link to places you can buy or download the book when you’re ready to read it. The app is perfect for other bookworms!”
-Dutch Reutter, Charleston Library Society, Charleston, S.C.

“There are two I find so valuable. Spelling has never been my strong suite. I was a math and science kind of girl in school. This corrects both spelling and grammar slips.”
-Peggy Muncie, Canterbury Counseling Center, Greenville, S.C.

My favorite app is definitely MYFITNESSPAL by Under Armor. I can log food, snacks, run miles, swimming. When I was training for marathons, I did it to make sure I was getting enough calories. Now, I do it to watch sugar intake. It will send me an alert if I drink too much coffee, which I had to turn off the second day because, really, how is that possible?
-Amy Ryberg Doyle, City Council, Greenville, S.C.

“PMP® EXAM MENTOR. I use it when I am away from my desk or other study materials in preparation for the Project Management Institute’s PMP® exam. The app is a perfect way to make the most of even short periods of free time. It includes Project Framework, Knowledge Areas, Process Groups, Glossary, Formulas, Tips, 688 Flashcards and 1200 Practice questions. The PMP® exam is 200 questions in a four hour period while in a proctored setting. It is estimated that the pass/failure rate is about 60-70% so I want to be as prepared as possible to pass on the first take. I have 8 PMP® specific apps on my IPhone but this one seems to be the most comprehensive. If you are planning to sit for the PMP® exam this is a great app to use in preparation.”
-Stacey Bevill, Ask and Receive, Inc., Spartanburg, S.C.

“When it comes to apps, there is one that I have found that, in my opinion, surpasses all design apps: CANVA. Canva is already a fantastic design and photo editing website for desktops but their app includes all of the desktop features and is fantastic for creating stunning images when you’re on the road or just out of the office. The app also gives you access to all of your current designs without having to worry about downloading large, numerous files. In addition, the app costs everybody’s favorite price: FREE. Not only does it include thousands of free options, but also offers very cost-effective stock photography templates. I’ve used this software for years, professionally and personally, and it’s the only software I recommend to people who need immediate images and designs in world where visuals are key.”
-Jana Wilson, Hofmann Services, Greenville, S.C.

“I love the PANERA app…. I love the ease in ordering bagels to take to customers. I am able to mix and match bagel boxes and then pay online with a click of a button. I tell them what time to pick up, and they have it ready in a Will Call area. I don’t have to wait in any lines – just pick up your bags and off to see your clients.”

-Ginger Carlon, The Turner Agency, Greenville, S.C.


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